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New Award to Work on REDD+ from California Trading Program & US State Dept.

Posted: 12.18.13

GOES and Forestry scientists will work on REDD+ forest carbon projects in Indonesia to support the California regulatory emissions trading program through the Governors Climate and Forest Fund. Work will be done in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, Ministry of Forestry, and National Mapping Agency of Indonesia. The project will develop tools and measurements of carbon in forest biomass to support low carbon forest management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

Strengthening Indonesian Capacity for Developing National Forest Carbon Inventory,
Mapping and MRV Technical Systems

This proposed project builds on an on-going formal cooperation between the Government of Indonesia (GOI) and Michigan State University (MSU) under the Hutan Untuk Masa Depan (Forests for the Future) Project. It is responsive to Activity 2a from the GCF Request for Proposals. It will develop three activities: 1) strengthening and improving forest carbon assessment methods at a sub-national level through development of enhanced Tier 2 and Tier 3 forest carbon inventory systems, that will support the national REDD+ program and the REDD+ Agency, 2) forest cover mapping using satellite remote sensing linked to a national on-line map server, that will support the national One Map program, and 3) training and capacity building, including formal education cooperation between the USA and Indonesia.

The project will work closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry (MOF) and with The Nature Conservancy Indonesia (TNC), which have been active developing important REDD+ prototype projects in Indonesia. The level of analysis will be focused at the Forest Management Unit, within the Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan (KPH) system, and will provide a demonstration of the technical means to scale from KPH to the District to the Provincial level, a multi-jurisdictional approach. To do this, the project will deploy a technical on-line Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Toolbox that was developed initially by MSU and WWF with support from the GEF and UNEP, but now being developed further under the Hutan Untuk Masa Depan Project for the Indonesian context. In addition to supporting the Indonesian GovernmentÆs REDD+ efforts in MOF and the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), the project will support the Indonesian low carbon forest management strategies under the Forest Investment Plan. The project will be developed in one GCF province, East Kalimantan, but will have direct applicability to other Indonesian provinces. Key development work will be focused in both protection forests and production forests. The TNC Berau Project will serve as an initial effort where we can deploy the forest inventory methods and the MRV Toolbox in a mature Demonstration Activity.

Component 1: REDD+ Enhanced Tier 2 and Tier 3 Inventory Assessment Methods and Implementation of MRV System. This collaborative effort will be in lead by MSU and TNC in direct collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA) and Forestry Planning. The national REDD+ Agency will be an additional partner. This project will utilize the MSU MRV system as a basis for integrating the forest carbon measurements into a unified inventory system. The MSU system shall be configured in the Indonesian context, for example by adding FORDA allometric equations databases, a biomass class map, social/governance indicators, and other related ground-based information (e.g. National Forest Inventory
data). The proposed MSU MRV system will also be developed as a basis for the Indonesia Pilot Country reporting in the World Bank Forest Investment Program (FIP) and as a forest carbon inventory training tool. Finally the proposed system can be used to compute emissions and removals for projects or at the national scale and to run REDD+ scenarios.

Component 2: Forest Cover and Carbon Mapping. This component will be led by MSU and TNC in collaboration with BIG and MOF, with the cooperation of the Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (Badan Pengkajian Penerapan Teknologi-BPPT). Linkages will be made with the national REDD+ Agency and the Ministry of Environment, as needed. This component will focus on forest cover mapping by 2 piloting forest cover and biomass mapping using advanced remote sensing technology and algorithms, training and capacity building for Indonesian scientists on these advanced RS methods, and integrating national land cover, forest cover, and biomass maps from the One Map Working Group with Indonesian proposed MRV inventory Toolbox system (Component 1).

Component 3. Training and Capacity Building. This component will be led MSU in partnership with FORDA, the Indonesian Ministry of ForestryÆs Agency for Forest Education, Extension and Training (Center for Forestry Education and Training-CFET) and BIG in collaboration with BPPT and TNC. This capacity building and training activity will focus on MRV/M&E seminar workshops on REDD+ carbon measurement using the on-line forest carbon MRV/M&E system built for Indonesia by MSU (Component 2). Overseas internships can be developed, too. The project will develop a foundation for formal education and professional certification of Indonesian students enrolled in the Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management Certificate Program and in the Forestry graduate degree programs at Michigan State University. Total funds USD requested and co-financed: US$138,900 requested with matching, leveraged funds of $152,013 from Michigan State University and The Nature Conservancy Indonesia. $52,544 will be used for a subcontract with The Nature Conservancy Indonesia. Civil society partners submitting the proposal: Michigan State University (primary lead) and The Nature Conservancy.

Project Personnel
Dr. David L. Skole (skole@msu.edu)
Dr. Larry Leefers (leefers@msu.edu)
Jay Samek (samekjay@msu.edu)

Global Observatory for Ecosystem Services
Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
1405 S. Harrison Road, Suite 101
East Lansing, MI 48823-5243

Governors Climate and Forests Fund



Key individuals from East Kalimantan Province:

Dr. Fadjar Pambudhi, Faculty of Forestry, Mulawarman University (member of the REDD+ Taskforce for East
Kalimantan Province), email: fadjarpambudhi@yahoo.com.

Dr. Deddy Hardiyanto, Director of Climate Change Studies, Mulawarman University (Chairman I of the REDD+
Taskforce for East Kalimantan Province), email: dhardiyanto@gmail.com, phone: +62-541-741421 (PENDING)


Key implementing individuals from civil society partners, and technical experts/consultants

Dr. Herlina Hartanto, Director of Terrestrial Programs, The Nature Conservancy Indonesia (TNC), email:
hhartanto@tnc.org, phone: +62-21-7279-2043.

Dr. Haruni Krisnawati, Research Scientist, Ministry of Forestry, Forestry Research and Development Agency
(FORDA), email: h.krisnawati@yahoo.co.id, phone: +62 251 8633234.

Dr. Asep Karsidi, Head, Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG), email: akarsidi@gmail.com, phone: +62 21-

National REDD+ Program for East Kalimantan Province:

Dr. Daddy Ruhiyat, Special Advisor to the Governor, Climate Change Council East Kalimantan, Mulawarman
University, email: daddyruhiyat@yahoo.com, phone: +62-541-79777708.