Brent Simpson

Brent Simpson is Associate Professor of International Programs and Adjunct Professor in MSU’s Institute of International Agriculture. He is an expert in rural development and small holder agriculture in tropical countries. Dr. Simpson leads C2Ms efforts in economics and value chain development, and heads the programs in Africa. He holds advanced degrees in Agricultural Extension and Resource Development from Michigan State University. He has a Certificate in African Studies as well. He has more than 25 years of experience in Africa, leading from his dissertation work in Mali. Dr. Simpson is a specialist in international agricultural and rural development with 25 years of education and experience in design, implementation and assessment of development assistance efforts at the community, national and regional levels.  He has extensive experience with the planning, management and evaluation of agricultural and environmental research programs, international research networks, local seed systems, national extension programs, producer association capacity-building, and the design and implementation of formal (university) education and non-formal training programs.

Trained in agricultural economics (farm management, benefit-cost analysis, project appraisal), agroecology (farming systems, tropical soils, agroforestry), community development and agricultural extension, he has broad experience with development projects and agricultural systems throughout the tropics and temperate zones.  Technical areas of expertise include freshwater aquaculture, dryland and irrigated agriculture, livestock production, agroforestry, indigenous knowledge and household livelihood systems, qualitative assessment tools, carbon sequestration, natural resource management and adaptation to climate change.