About Us

Carbon2Markets™ is a project of the Global Observatory for Ecosystem Services at Michigan State University. It is developing methods and technologies for accurate measurements of carbon sequestration from aforestation/reforestation and agro-forestry land management activities using high resolution remotes sensing data, geo-spatial tool, and biometric carbon modeling. C2M offset projects have repeat monitoring to ensure long-term storage of sequestered carbon.

Charismatic Carbon is our term to highlight that we are twinning carbon sequestration with  many social and environmental co-benefits. All of our projects attempt to impact communities and livelihoods. Our model is focused on carbon in the context of environment and development.

This project contains the Carbon Geo-Portal, which is a customized internet-GIS service providing project developers with secure access to offset project data and information. The Geo-Portal includes remote sensing updates for project monitoring and verification and real-time carbon market values for project developer’s carbon offset assets. For some information on our projects underway go here or to our Project page.

The C2M work is the applied side of more than 20 years of basic research on tropical forest conversion and climate change. We continue our work on the fundamentals of the science through several efforts, predominantly the Global Observatory for Ecosystem Services and the Tropical Rain Forest Information Center. C2M is more focused on the application of the science to climate change solutions through mitigation efforts focused on two areas: 1) carbon sequestration through reforestation and agroforestry, and 2) reduced emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation. The team has more than 20 years of experience developing measuring deforestation and degradation (e.g. selective logging) using high resolution remote sensing.

If you are interested in purchasing carbon offsets through our carbon marketing services provided by GreenLeaf Commodities, please contact us directly.

A library of publications and reports can be found here.