Screen Captures


 Project registry page

  • Single point access to ALL of your organization’s projects, including documentation, plot level data, project locations and maps, and carbon stock change reports
  • Track any project’s performance and implementation time-line
  • Compare results across projects


Opening Page for Content Management:

  • Manage and provide single-point access to all project-related documentation and information to all of your project personnel from field level forestry technicians to project managers, from lab scientists to program managers. 


Access to the Project Documents


Mapping Subsystem -- Project Boundary Input

  • The MRV integrates GIS data for reporting project, parcel (or strata) and field level plot locations and areas
  • Supports project planning and development  through on-line mapping tools
  • Will integrate  multi-platform, sensor and resolution Satellite Remote Sensing data for reporting and analysis with the SRS add-on


Screen Capture of Parcel and Plot Mapping Subsystem


Screen Capture of Polygon Editing Function


Sample Plot Inventory Management Subsystem

  • Manages all field-level tree measurement data for your project using standard, IPCC format data protocols and collection sheets
  • Links your project’s plot-level tree measurement data to the geographic plot area, parcel or strata and project area for calculating and reporting your projects carbon stock density
  • The project Inventory toolbox’s flexibility supports your project’s site-or region-specific allometric equations, but also provides a suite of biome-specific allometric equations developed by some of the world’s leading climate change scientists
  • Supports the national needs for managing and reporting NFI data which can be integrated with the SRS add on tool and used for sub-national forest carbon projects.

Emissions Computation Subsystem

  • Uses the calculated carbon stock information from your project’s plot measurement data for reporting ex ante or ex post emissions fluxes for your project area.
  • The scenario builder supports your project needs for planning forest land management interventions and reports comparative “what if?” scenarios.