Gene Safir

Gene Safir is a Professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at Michigan State University. Dr. Safir contributes to C2Ms modeling program on soil carbon analysis, and heads efforts focused on plant growth dynamics. He has advanced degrees in Plant Pathology from the University of Illinois. Dr. Safir’s areas of research interest are agricultural ecosystem dynamics, plant disease impacts on large scales, and regional assessment of agricultural productivity.  He currently teaches two courses, Environmental and Organismal Biology, and he Co-teaches Current Issues and Frontiers in Plant Pathology.  For many years, he taught Environmental Plant Physiology and Introductory Plant Biology while he was a member of the Botany and Plant Pathology Faculty at Michigan State University.  Safir worked for several years on the remote detection of crops and crop stresses and now he concentrates on the expansion of crop models from the field to regional scales.  He is also interested in the effects of crop phenology and temporal dynamics on diseases, stresses, and greenhouse gases.  As a result of these interests he collaborates on several projects involving the above subjects.  Safir has received several awards for his research including the Ceiba-Giegi Award from APS (1984), and a Patent Recognition Award from Michigan State University (1994).