Stuart Gage

Stuart Gage is a Professor in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, and is a leading expert in systems ecology. His work focuses on soil carbon in ecosystems and agriculture, and on autonomous environmental sensors. Dr. Gage's interests include landscape ecology, computational biology; scientific visualization, agricultural ecosystem dynamics; systems thinking; digital visualization; insect population dynamics; regional assessment of agricultural productivity; land use trends and modeling and Chinese agriculture. Dr Gage has extensive experience in quantifying the dynamics of animal populations at regional temporal and spatial scales. His focus on the role of meteorological and physical effects on insect pests of agricultural and forest systems have led to development of large scale monitoring and modeling efforts for risk assessment in forest and agricultural settings. In the 1970's, Gage published remote sensing techniques for grasshopper caused crop loss assessment and a digital atlas of Agriculture. In 1980 he developed applications for processing and display of GOES satellite imagery using microcomputers for freeze forecasting in fruit crops which resulted in receipt of a technical award from NASA. Recently Gage developed the Computational Ecology and Visualization.

His current research involves quantifying visualizing ecological processes associated with agriculture at multiple time and spatial scales. Dr. Gage is also investigating the spatial dynamics of forest defoliators (gypsy moth) at a statewide scale and isdeveloping a regional visualization model of agricultural dynamics in the US "Com Belt". Gage teaches principles of computational ecology and leads a NASA supported project (ESSE) where his team developed two undergraduate courses in Earth System Science. He serves on the University Space Research Association Board on Earth Science. Gage is Co-PI on the NSF Long Term Ecological Research project in Michigan and on a Great Lakes NASA Regional Applications Center. Gage was recently awarded a grant to establish a Signature Program in Land Use and Land Cover Change at Michigan State University. Gage is coordinating a regional simulation-modeling workshop at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on behalf of the NSF-LTER Network Office.